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The Devil- Painting for Ostara Tarot opening THIS FRIDAY AT THE FALL.


Preorders now open!

The Hermit

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King of Coins

Page of coins, alternate


Queen of Coins

Knight of Coins

My work flow means I’m usually posting at night, and I’ve noticed I’m gaining a European audience! You wonderful people get to see these before my North American crowd does, on Tumblr the… Continue reading

Page of coins

Finished this while listening to Fleet Foxes Winter Hymnal on repeat, and handing my baby Cheerios. I thought I’d start the knight of coins, but the little lad crawled up and to take… Continue reading

Upcoming projects

Patreon! What is Patreon? Patreon is a new kind of crowd funding that empowers creatives like myself to make a living off of our work. It is a contemporary version of the renaissance… Continue reading