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Farewell, 2019!

It has been a wonderful year! Thank you Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland for hosting me. I had to keep it close with the Pacific Northwest due to pursuing my long-time dream of becoming… Continue reading

Survival Spells for Rabbit heart Girls.

I am so excited to announce the first Zine edition of Survival Spells for Rabbit Heart Girls: the Codex for Rabbit Heart Girls premiering at The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival on May 19+20!

Tabletop rpg paintings and sketches

Month of Love-Mazikeen

  Mazikeen for the Month of Love topic: Heroes. As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew I wanted to draw Maz, and as soon as that happened, I also knew I… Continue reading

Brave Face

  Thorn Bathu from The Shattered Sea trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Shine a Light

The Huntress and the Cub

Following a Caged Bird

Another piece belonging to the Crow’s Above series Please check me out on Patreon!¬†and Deviantart, Tumblr

Crows Above


Preorders now open!