Costume design sketches for young Ching Shih!

Final choice to come!

Six of Coins

The Chibi Tarot Manifesto

First of all, thank you so much to those who have been following my tarot journey both quietly and inquisitively. Your support is truly inspiring! Today I would like to show you another… Continue reading

Five of Coins

This is a card that strike a chord with me. The five of coins represents one’s self-inflicted failures. A woman, ragged, maybe a prostitute carries a snake twined around her as she passes… Continue reading

The Hanged Man

  The Hanged Man. A favourite of many tarot enthusiasts, the Hanged Man represents surrender to the unknown. Let me know what tarot card speaks to you most in the comments!

The Hanged Man Pencils

  11 x 17 pencil on bristol, $175 (

Two and Three of coins revisited

Wasn’t quite happy with these guys, so took advantage of the wee tyrant sleeping to revisit them. Next, I’ll be moving on to a poster-sized image for the higher arcana. Woohoo!Ps. Vancouver locals-come… Continue reading

Four of Coins

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Three Thieves

11 x 7, photoshop. Like it here: buy it here:

We Three Thieves,painting process

Keep your eyes peeled for the final to follow!