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The Chibi Tarot

          Hi readers! As promised, I have had the honour of interviewing another Tarot Deck Creator: Adam Blodgett! Adam’s Tarot comes from a place of pop-culture interest and has delight… Continue reading

Almandine and Garnet- Adventuring: better together


I did this one twice! The first time, in the morning while baby Felix napped, and again at night after a doodle of a hipster dragon (I wish I was kidding) accidentally got… Continue reading

Three of coins Redone

The apprentice in the cathedral. Like me on facebook!

Eight of Coins

Window Ritual

Seven of Coins

WordPress gets it first, Don’t tell Tumblr!(or do and reblog, reblog away Ostara tarot Even better git on facebook and like my page to win prints.  

Hanged Man Revisited

I couldn’t shake the feeling this card deserved more dramatic lighting! Bonus: See it in the frame with the numerals.