End of Year reflections, North America Tour 2019, zine releases, NEW HORROR COMIC!

THANK YOU Seattle, Portland, Boston, Philidephia, New York, and of course, my hometown Vancouver for an amazing con year. Your support has me living my dreams and I am forever grateful!

I’ve published 3 zines this year: Spells for Rabbit Heart Girls, Bettie’s Pocket Porno, and Curious Compounds, and of course, my first solo graphic novel: Fox on the Table. 

I launched a Patreon, for a Canadiana Horror comic that I woke up in a sweat in Portland to create and quickly blossomed into a PNW noir about deals with the Devil in the dark, as well as for emotional, queer, erotic art.

And of course, I did a lot of this:


Thank you so much to my supporters, friends, families, and fans. Thank you for lighting up when you see the dice on my table. Thank you for teary eyes when you leaf through Rabbit Heart Girls. Thank you for ‘oh, thats a good read!’ when I return to your city. I cannot wait to greet you at Emerald City Comic Con with Nothing Gold!