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What is Patreon? Patreon is a new kind of crowd funding that empowers creatives like myself to make a living off of our work. It is a contemporary version of the renaissance model where the generosity of the wealthy enabled the artist’s so much that it was one of the most artistically rich moments in history. With over 1 million pledged, Patreon can fund a new movement!
What are my goals with Patreon? As many of you know, I am currently a work at home mom. If my pledges reach 20 dollars an illustration or more, that income will fund me dedicating myself full time to the creation of TWO graphic novels. Funds from Patreon will also be used to support a traditional practise that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.
if you like my art! and would like to support it’s creation, please pledge to www.patreon.com/pommejane
there are even gifts you can recieve! I’m only 8 dollars to my goal!

More information about projects supported by Patreon:

Thick as Thieves comics (www.thickasthievescomics.com)
Is THREE IPS, two of which will come to life is supported by Patreon. The first, and current project is Caleb Wexton. Set in the near future, Caleb Wexton is a story about Eugenics, relationships, and Internet conspiracy. It was first conceived as a novel and has been in the works for almost ten years.

and the titular Thick as Thieves: Cardinal City honours thievery as a legitimate way of proving heirarchy, and every year a game is held to prove which among them are the best pick-pockets and conmen. In recent years, nobles have bought their way in with the conquests of their fathers, but Luca, the son of a scientist and Leif, vagabond from Three serpents opt to bring the game back to it’s roots. Can there be honour among Thieves?

Lastly, this crowd-sourced funding will help my buy the paper and paint supplies to continue on a path of traditional art, for a gallery setting. OCTOBER ONLY, 5 DOLLAR PLEDGES OR MORE WILL BE GRANTED A COMMISSION OF TRADITIONAL PAINTING!!

*commissions will be delivered in December, after the charges have been approved and you will receive a print of your request. Limit 5.

Patreon can allow me to cease other non-creative ventures, and double my time for artwork if I reach my goal in just 8 dollars! Any dollar pledged closes that gap!

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